How to write an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Australia skilled migration visa

What’s an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Australia point based skilled migration programme?

An EOI is not the same as a visa application, it is an indication that you would like to be considered for a skilled visa. You need to provide a range of information in your Expression of Interest (EOI) depending on the visa(s) you want to be considered for, such as:

  • Basic personal information
  • Nominated occupation
  • Work experience
  • Study and education
  • Level of English skills
  • Details of a Skills Assessment, related to your nominated occupation
  • Business and investment experience.

For the points based skilled migration programs, such as the independent skilled program, you will be ranked according to the appropriate points test.

However, you will be able to submit an EOI even if you do not meet the pass mark; however, you will not be invited to apply for visa. Read more:

What do I need to do before submitting my Expression of Interest (EOI)?

While you don’t need to submit documents supporting your claims when you submit your EOI, you must have a range of information prepared. For instance, for an independent skilled visa you must have completed an English language test (IELTS) to prove you meet the English language requirement. Additionally you should have completed a skills assessment and/or a job ready program.

There are many factors to consider before you lodge an EOI but our experience can ensure that you maximise your potential to receive an invitation to apply for a visa. Answers of the following questions can be included (but not limited too) while submitting Expression of Interest (EOI):

  • Which state do you wish to reside?
  • Can you satisfy nomination criteria (as each state is different)?
  • Is your nominated occupation on the state government’s skills list?
  • Is your nominated occupation on the Skilled or Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (SOL)
  • Do you have the potential to pass the points test?
  • Will your skills & qualifications be recognised by the relevant assessing authority?
  • Have you achieved required scored in an IELTS test?
  • Do you have relevant & recent work experience in your nominated occupation?
  • Can you provide verifiable evidence of your employment history?
  • Are there any health & character issues which could lead to refusal of your visa application?
  • Have you got sufficient personal and/or business funds to transfer to Australia?

The above listed factors are elementary and support a part of your migration plan to ensure that you’re chosen a viable and workable visa pathway. All visa requirements should be met before submitting an EOI. Also noteworthy to mention, if invited to apply for a visa, the information you’ve submitted in your EOI will be used as a part of your migration application. You will be required to confirm your claims and submit evidence at the time you apply. The information you supply in your EOI must be accurate and correct. If the information you supply in your EOI is not correct, there can be adverse consequences for your visa application.

How do I submit an EOI?

If you have selected your visa options and prepared the information required, you are then ready to submit an EOI. Here is the URL:

What happens after I submit my Expression of Interest (EOI)?

When you submit an EOI the system will give you a points score and results based on your claims. Your result and points score, along with your time of submission becomes your ranking for some visas. The ranking process will be an objective and automatic process with no involvement of the department’s staff. However, you can update your Expression of Interest (EOI) at any time, if the information you update changes your points score, SkillSelect will automatically update your ranking.

How do I get selected?

Depending on what type of visa(s) you want to be considered for, you may receive an invitation to lodge a visa application, or an Australian employer may contact you to discuss a job opportunity.

What happens when I'm selected?

You will receive an invitation from SkillSelect. You will then have 60 days to make a valid visa application online, before the invitation expires.

What happens if I'm not selected?

Many more people want to migrate to Australia than there are places available. This means not everyone who submits an EOI will receive an invitation to apply for a visa. So, your EOI will remain in SkillSelect for two years from the date you lodge. At any time during the validity of your EOI, you may update your details to reflect any additional qualifications or experience you may have obtained. This may increase your ability to be selected.

Good luck and thank you for your attention!
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